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      Plastimo Folding Grapnel with Spoon Flukes - 8kg
Catalog ID: 22
Solid, 3 piece anchor set for smaller vessels.
      Plastimo Horizon 1500 Windlass, Gypsy and Drum
Catalog ID: 26
Features ergonomic design and safety switch
      Plastimo Horizon 900 Windlass, Gypsy Only
Catalog ID: 25
Horizontal windlass features award winning design
      Plastimo Olympic 135 Compass
Catalog ID: 32
White housing with black card and white binnacle.
      Plastimo Tornado Compass
Catalog ID: 12
Designed with the French National Catamaran team
      Plastimo Wheelpilot WP30
Catalog ID: 33
High quality automatic wheelpilot for vessels around 40 ft.
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