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Wheelpilot WP30 High quality automatic wheelpilot for vessels around 40 ft.

If you're looking for the ultimate wheelpilot for a boat around 40 ft., look no further than Navico's brilliant new Wheelpilot 300CX. As well as having the ability to interface with Navico's instrument system, it can be linked up with other manufacturers' equipment and most NMEA0183 receivers, without the need for black boxes. It can also accept NMEA wind data. In short, it's the most sophisticated and most compatible wheel autopilot available.

Principal Modes

Steer to Compass - In its standard operating mode, the Wheelpilot 300CX will lock onto the current heading with just a press of the Auto key. Adjustments to course, in 1 or 10 increments, are made using the port and starboard keys.
Steer to Wind - To hold a chosen wind angle when under sail, Wheelpilot 300CX must either be connected to a Corus instrument system with Wind function, or just to a Corus Active Masthead Unit. Course adjustments can again be made in 1 or 10 increments, using the port or starboard keys.
Auto Tack - With just a single command the auto tack feature steers the boat through a tack automatically, leaving the skipper free to help tend the sails.
Steer to GPS - NAV LOCKTM - The unique Navico Nav Lock feature means you can instruct Corus Wheelpilot 300CX to steer to the currently active GPS waypoint with just a single key stroke.
NMEA Direct Connection - Thanks to the built-in NMEA interface, the Wheelpilot 300CX can be connected directly to most NMEA 0183 GPS receivers.
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