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Tornado Compass Designed with the French National Catamaran team

Specifically designed for racing catamarans. Developed by Plastimo, in co-operation with the French Tornado Olympic Team, this compass allows the tactician to make a simpler use of the compass when racing.

With the Tornado compass, you sail according to true wind whatever the circumstances, whether down-wind or close-hauled.

The figure read in front of the lubber line is always the true windazimuth, thanks to the colour stripes of the card and to the lubber linesposition. Racing is immensely simplified : no more calculations ;the only thing to do is to read the wind axis.

So many racing data contained in such a small instrument make the Tornado compass an outstanding technical achievement. The Tornado compass takes after other hi-tech compasses developed by Plastimo for top racers and then produced in regular series for the "standard" racing yachtsmen.
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