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Horizon 1500 Windlass, Gypsy and Drum Features ergonomic design and safety switch

The horizon range of windlasses has been the number one choice of thousands of boat owners world-wide since its launch in 1992. Beautifully styled and meticulously engineered, the Horizon windlasses are the most ergonomically engineered compact powerhouses available.

No compromise has been made in the design, with all models featuring spur gear boxes with a unique non runback clutch brake mechanism. The use of this gearing technology means that smaller rated but powerful permanent magnet motors can be utilised, enabling low current draw, with payout speeds in excess of 35 metres per minute and haul in speeds of up to 30 metres per minute on certain models. All horizon windlasses have Simpson-Lawrence rode management systems fitted as standard, thereby ensuring uninterrupted rope/chain handling.

All Horizon models apart from the Express can be manually operated in an emergency with the use of an optional ratchet lever.

Horizon is a superbly engineered range of windlasses, providing the very latest in anchoring technology in one of the most attractive and compact designs available...
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