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12CX Colour Handheld This is the update to the popular GPS 12XL and features much improved battery life. .
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The high resolution LCD screen on GARMIN's new GPS 12CX takes handheld navigation to another level. Characters, icons, numbers and letters are crisply rendered in any of four bright colors: red, green, blue and black. These colors don't wash out in bright sunlight and are perfect for sorting out map pages cluttered with waypoints and tangled track logs.

Based upon the popular GPS 12XL, the GPS 12CX offers more than just a pretty picture. Its powerful 12 parallel channel receiver gives you continuous position updates whether you're cruising the placid surface of a lake or bushwhacking in the outback. It even boasts vastly improved battery life, up to 50% over the respectable 24 hours of its predecessor, in case your adventures take you farther afield than you planned.

GARMIN handhelds are renown for their ease of use, and the GPS 12CX is no exception. The new keypad layout includes separate "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" keys for simple manipulation of the moving map page, and the enhanced graphic interface organises 1,000 waypoints into an easily accessible tab-file system. GARMIN's new GPS 12CX - handheld navigation of a different colour.

High resolution LCD display crisply renders screen detail in four separate colours - red, green, blue and black - even in direct sunlight.
Battery life up to 36 hours.
Enhanced graphic interface makes it easier to organise long lists of waypoints with a user-friendly tab file system.
12 parallel channel receiver locks onto satellites and doesn't let go.
Rugged, waterproof case capable of withstanding submersion in water up to one meter for 30 minutes.
Includes Lat/Long, UTM, Ordnance Survey, Irish, Swiss, Swedish, German, Maidenhead and Military Grids.
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